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Our 35 years of experience is applied to comprehensive engineering in the fields of noise, vibrations, and induced seismicity, and measuring and monitoring noise, vibrations, and induced seismicity in the living and working environments and assessing impacts on health. We prepare noise studies for all phases of project documentation, strategic noise maps and action plans for protection against noise; technical assessments; design, manufacture and installation of noise and vibration control measures. We are:

  • certified by the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic to measure noise and vibration in the living and work environments; assess impacts on public health; and assess environmental health risks – noise and vibrations
  • certified by the Environmental Ministry of the Slovak Republic to assess the impact of activities on the environment in the field of health protection, noise, and vibrations
  • authorised by the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers to design noise control measures

Klub ZPSvovibroakustike, s.r.o.:
Ing. Ján Šimo, CSc. – director
Ing. Mgr. Michal Bugala, Ing. Ján Sobota, Ing. Lenka Pechancová, Ing. Marianna Kolibíková, Matúš Kunhart, Ing. Peter Petrák, CSc., Mgr. Zdeňek Kunhart, Ing. Peter Máňa

We are members of the Association of Technical Diagnosticians of the Slovak Republic for acoustics and vibrations – www.atdsr.sk
We are members of the Slovak Acoustical Society: SkAS – www.skakustika.sk


Our company is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 – Reg. No. 366/S-288, issued by SNAS[Slovak National Accreditation Service]. We meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 for competence in carrying out testing impartially and consistently.

Our services

Measurement and monitoring of noise, vibrations, and induced seismicity

We measure emissions of noise and vibrations in the environment, as well as exposure to noise and vibrations transferred to the hands and body in the working environment, and we assess measurements and prepare reports.We conduct short-term and long-term monitoring of noise and vibrations in the living and working environments with online transfer and presentation of in-situ measurement data on the internet.

Building acoustics, technical systems in buildings, and acoustic performance

We measure and determine acoustic characteristics in rooms, buildings, structures, and soundproof booths. We measure reverberation time, determine sound reduction and impact noise ratings in buildings and structures, and determine sound pressure level by measuring acoustic pressure levels.We also measure noise levels in buildings caused by technical systems and determine acoustic performance levels and the acoustic energy of noise sources.

Barriers and walls, acoustic characteristics of roads and transport machinery

We conduct in-situ measurements of insertion loss in all types of outdoor sound barriers and in-situ determination of insertion loss in portable sound barriers.Measurement of sound reduction and sound absorption rates of sound barriers.Measurement of acoustic characteristics of roads, measurement of road surface influence on traffic noise, and measurement of interior and exterior noise and vibration levels in road and rail vehicles.

Vibroacoustic measurement and diagnostics of machinery

We measure effective vibration velocity, acceleration and displacement in buildings, structures, and equipment in buildings and the influence on the sensitivity of equipment in buildings.We conduct acoustic monitoring, diagnosis and evaluation of machinery and equipment.

Strategic noise maps, action plans, and proposals for noise control measures

We use IMMI and CadnaA software to determine the characteristics of the sound field through visualisation of acoustic pressure levels in models calibrated with field measurements. We design noise control measures for areas around roads, railways and stationary sources of noise. We prepare strategic noise maps and action plans for protection from noise in accordance with Directive 2002/49/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 June 2002 relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise, and in accordance with Act No 2/2005 on the assessment and control of outdoor noise and amending Slovak National Council Act No 272/1994 on the protection of human health.

Technical assessments, sound and vibration control measures

We carry out a variety of technical assessments and diagnostics relating to noise, vibrations, and induced seismicity in accordance with the applicable standards and legislation.We design, manufacture, and install noise and vibration control measures.

Accredited measurement of sound intensity levels

We perform accredited measurement of sound intensity levels. Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements using sound intensity. Determination of sound power levels of machinery and equipment using sound intensity. Spatial localization and noise emission identification, quantitative evaluation and frequency analysis in dynamic mode by manual acoustic camera.

Verification of acoustic properties of road and rail noise reduction devices using Adrienne time window

Measurement under direct sound field conditions in situ:
Values of sound difraction DI EN 1793-4
Values of sound reflection RI EN 1793-5
Values of airborne sound insulation SI EN 1793-6
Values of sound absorption properties of road surfaces α ISO 13472-1,2


In our more than 25 years of operation in Slovakia, our clients have included institutions and companies such as:

Alfa 04 a.s.
AQUATEST a.s. Slovakia
Audia Plastic, s.r.o.
AUPARK, a.s.
Bučina DDD, spol. s r. o.
CEMMAC, a.s., Považská cementáreň, a.s.
CREATIVE, spol. s r.o.
Dolvap, S.r.o.
Doprastav, a.s.
ENVICONSULT spol s r.o.
eustream, a.s.
GEOCONSULT, spol. s r.o.
GEOtest Bratislava, s.r.o.
GRANVIA, a. s.
Hastra, s.r.o.
Hella Slovakia Front-Lighting, s.r.o
Hella Slovakia Signal-Lighting, s.r.o
HGM Žilina, s.r.o.
Hyundai Dymos Slovakia
Kaufland Slovenská republika, v.o.s.
Kia Motors Slovakia s.r.o.
Košický samosporávny kraj
Lidl Slovenská republika, v.o.s.
Metrostav Slovakia a.s.
mmcité + a.s.
Mobis Slovakia s.r.o.
Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a. s.
PIO Keramoprojekt Trenčín, a.s.
ProCare, a.s.
Prodex spol. s.r.o.
Rolls-Royce Energy Systems Inc
Samsung Display Slovakia s.r.o.
Slovenská správa ciest
Slovenské energetické strojárne a.s.
Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s.
STRABAG s.r.o.
SUDOP Košice a.s.
Tesco Stores SR, a.s.
TTS Martin, s.r.o.
Valbek s.r.o.
Vetropack Nemšová
Zberné suroviny a.s.
Železnice Slovenskej republiky
Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s.
Žilinská teplárenská, a. s.
Žilinský samosprávny kraj


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